“Vladam” company offers to buy cabbage by wholesale.

Due to white cabbage we can remain vigorous and active even when we are old. The protein of the cabbage contains a big amount of a very important amino acid – lysine, which can dissolve foreign proteins in human’s blood, and thus protect us from different diseases. Cabbage fibre improves motoric activity of the intestinal tract. 100 g of cabbage contains at an average 30 mg of vitamin C.



Cabbage by wholesale

We offer our customers fresh white cabbage the whole year round. We grow our cabbage from the seeds of the “Clause” French Seed Company in Nikolayev region.

The first harvesting of early cabbage you can buy at the end of June, and it is the earliest chance to buy it. These are such hybrids as Guardian, Sir, Oracle. Then follow the medium repining breeds, such as Lady, Bravo, Centurion. For storage we offer late hybrids, such as Mandarin, Marabu and Kaunt, which obtain their perfect taste during the storage.

From the end of July till May of the next year you can always buy our fresh cabbage of high quality.

All the cabbage has tough inner structure, short core, is of snow white color, and perfect taste due to high content of sugar and vitamins.